A few things to check out!

The Neighbourhood Vet

All you need to know about where I work!

The Belly Rub Club

Click above to meet Valerie and her amazing team of dog walkers, sitters and belly rubbers!

Benson and Babb Vets

I owe a lot to this place, not only for inspiring me to become the vet I am today but for looking after my own dogs and cats for the last 20 years

Fish 4 Dogs

A really awesome treat company that make healthy, amazing quality treats for your pets.


These guys took me on as a newly graduated vet and I learnt a lot in my 18 months there. Anyone in the Kent area, check these guys out!


If you haven't heard about these guys already then check them out. Amazing treats for your amazing pets!


For any vets out there looking for the right job, get in touch with these guys. A team of really good guys who will listen to you and find you exactly the job you need.


Has to be one of my favourite foods. If you want to feed your dog better food than you eat take a look!

London Dogs Training

Leonie St Clair is someone I do a lot of work with. One of the most common things I talk to clients about is behaviour, and once I reach the extent of my knowledge, Leonie is always my next port of call, take a look!

The Fox Project

This registered charity do AMAZING work with injured foxes in the South East. Please have a look at their website and support them in any way you can... or if you need them, give their wildlife ambulance a call!

Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre

I spent a lot of my time as a teenager volunteering my time here with Serena and the rest of the incredible team. They do excellent work to re-habilitate and re-release wildlife in the Cotswolds. 

Stepney City Farm

Who knew there were farms in the big city!? Not me! I was really happy when I found this place and I try and head here every few weeks to donate some time to help out the amazing team.

Check them out!