Veterinary in the news...

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Did you see Trust Me I'm a Vet?..

New BBC TV show delving in to the wonderful world of veterinary and your pets!

Read about Dr. Mohammed, a very impressive man!

This vet is responsible for saving the lives of countless animals around the world... what a legend!

Why do we become vets?

I know that for me, there was never a question... There isn't a time of my life that I remember when I didn't want to be a vet. 

Turns out, thats quite common!

New baby gorilla at Bristol Zoo!

Take a look at the newest arrival at Bristol Zoo

Saviour caterpillars?

Could these little guys be the answer to the world's plastic pollution issue?

Turns out naked mole rats have an incredible party trick!

Click the image to find out how much weirder naked mole rats have gotten!

Chocolate + dogs = a bad Easter weekend

The BVA report there has been a rise in chocolate toxicity this year.

Photo from Drumahoe Veterinary Clinic

Is that a battery!?

A lovely story about Meadow who decided she needed an energy boost!

This can be pretty serious but it's great to hear Meadow is doing brilliantly now! 

Run Forrest Run...

Rob Pope, a vet who also trained at the Royal Veterinary College is becoming a real life Forrest Gump. A hugely impressive and all round top guy!